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re:American Sniper.... (couch)

re:God,Country.... (couch)

re:Your Kind of woman... (couch) map

Male homosexual practices (and resulting diseases) map

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Re Re Update (usa)

Jackson County what a Joke

Re Re: The Bible..." map

re: update (paranoia) (tpp)

update (united states) map

re " The Bible has several thousand years of history to back it up"

"The Coming..." map

The Coming Non Christian Apocalypse (Rogue Valley) pic

re: "What has Obama done..." - great comedy!

"What has Obama done..." - great comedy! map

Good Lord, She's Ba-ack! map

What has Obama done for America (Red Neck Medford)

Some Out Door Enthusiasts are Hypocrites (Oregon)

Salmon Beds Destroyed by ALL Fly Fisherman (ALL Streams)

Save the North Umpqua Fishery! (N. Umpqua River)

Fish Killing Logic? (Space)

Exposing Eco Trash & Fly Fisherman=LIARS! (ORGAN)

beheading map

This is an incredible news report (Red neck Rogue Valley)

To "This"... "What"... "Republicans"... and "Whew" (same guy) map

Veterans please read. White City VA Issues (white city)

re ;please!?? (medford) map

RE;VISIONS (methford) map

re;libs repubs no matter (above u) map

stop the militarization of pds (pissedland) map

RE;RE; METHFORD (or) map

Whew bonehead republican is eyeless (Medford)

Republicans criticize Obama because... (Medford)

Re: "Stop em" map

stop em b4 i pull a bush on amerika (methford) map

re: Mental Midget- Rogue Valley

American Sniper sounds like a Stoogefest


Mental Midget- Rogue Valley map

Shake and Wake Radio Network (USA) pic

Adolf Hitler was right- (Rogue Valley) map

Re: Mental (Rogue Valley) map

Liberals... Brother! map

What's Odamna done? See "Germy..." map

Mental Liberals and Democrats (usa) pic map

re: Germy rides again (Rogue Valley& redneck...

re: Religion/Terrorism & Ridiculous laws

Ridiculous laws


Germy rides again (Rogue Valley& redneck..."What has Obama done) map

re: You did forget something (look away)


re: Re: Charlie Hebdo: Where's the Blood? (Rogue Valley)

Re: Charlie Hebdo: Where's the Blood? (Rogue Valley) map


Charlie Hebdo Shootings - Censored Video (World Wide)


NDAA: Null & Void From Inception (United States)

Re: 'Pride' snake map

New Year - New leadership (Here) map

Re: New Year new leadership (Oregon) map


Weed Glut,!!!! Not legal yet!! (Eugene)

Re: Pride (Rogue Valley)

The New Hampshire Rebellion (Rebel Everywhere)

Re: pride map

pride (infidel) pic

In the Beginning map

Salem Moms News (City of Salem, Oregon)

re: Obama blamed Benghazi on a video . . . pic

Obama blamed Benghazi on a video . . . map

I am Aaron Swartz (Rogue Valley) map

To "Whew" map

Whew, the Liberal stench... map

re:oregon football sucks (redmond) pic

God, Country, and Family (US) map

oregon football sucks (redmond) map

Corporate Dictatorship is not Freedom (Liberate Yourselves) map

Guaranteed you did not learn this in school (The United States of America)

Re: Elysium...

Elysium is Now (World Wide Everywhere) map

Boko Haram map

Whew! Look at the Liberal

re: 5 Reasons the rich are hoarding....

re: Freedom

Thank You Obama pic

5 Reasons the Rich Are Ruining the Economy by Hoarding Their Money

re re World leaders map

re: World Leaders . . . pic

World Leaders . . . map

re:Hillary guilty of MURDER !!! pic

Hillary guilty of MURDER !!! map

re:George Soros and MSNBC . . . pic

George Soros and MSNBC . . . map

re: You and your stupid party are the losers, last I checked pic


Willard "Mitt the Twit" Romney has thrown his hat back into the ring

re: TOP SECRET - WW3 - Russia,China, Iran Send 90000 Troops (warships to Syria)

Don't insult my Prophet map

re: Left wingers chanting . . . pic

Left wingers chanting . . . map

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