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Flakes on the coast (Southern coast) [xundo]

RE: Cops (coast) [xundo]

cops on your tail [xundo]

re: Why are cops assholes (United States) [xundo]

Why are cops assholes (Pig farm) [xundo]

to people who tip houskeepers (depie) [xundo]

re Cape Blanco Music fest [xundo]

im sick of wanting sex (Reedsport) [xundo]

I give up. chemtard wins (gold beach) pic [xundo]

Chemtrails (In The Air) pic [xundo]

Chemtrails (In The Air) pic [xundo]

Coors bay restore does not want your furniture (coos bay) [xundo]

re: One Lump or Two (Port Orford) [xundo]

Medication time! (ding) Medication time! pic [xundo]

One Lump or Two [xundo]

Hey Educated Professor Of Misinformation (WHY DON'T THEY DISSIPATE?) [xundo]

Oh Look Mommy the Blue Sky Turned White (Geo Engineering) [xundo]

re3 ; Time To Fess Up (Third Time Is a Charm) [xundo]

Chemtrails (In The Air) pic [xundo]

Fuck Cape Blanko festival [xundo]

re: re; time to fess up [xundo]

re; time to fess up (lets Examine Your Words) [xundo]

Time to 'Fess up... (re: Chemtrails) [xundo]

Nice try, Gold Beach Loser... [xundo]

What Do You Want Jack ? (Your Ripper ?) [xundo]

re re ; Chemtards and Hallucinations In Your Mind (Lets Enter The Arena and Cage Thoughts) [xundo]

Re;Re; Gays @ John Giacopazzi (Spokane) [xundo]

Hey Sherlock [xundo]

re- chemtards and mass hysteria/hallucinations (in you mind) pic [xundo]

re: re: I just love the chemtrailtards [xundo]

trans-pacific partnership will make NAFTA look like nothing (your wallet) pic [xundo]

its not like I ever wanted to go back to L.A (new world disorder) pic [xundo]

re ; chemtards (My Regards) [xundo]

I just love the chemtrailtards [xundo]

hey Bloomington, Minneapolis!!! (oregon) pic [xundo]

Husqvarna is rubbish (The coast) [xundo]

prostitutes spreading AIDS in Lincoln City (casino) pic [xundo]

What Trails Lead To the Blinding Of Your Eyes (Blue Then White) [xundo]

Bums on Welfare (Oregon) [xundo]

re: Government Experimenting on us with Chemtrails! [x