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Disturbed Pitbull Owner in Powers~Beware! (Powers) [xundo]

maybe single mothers are the problem (Part 1) [xundo]

Proposed Hospital Tax (Brookings) [xundo]

oregon shooters father went more gun control (otter) [xundo]

Teach your children well pic [xundo]

re: Homosexuality Rant [xundo]

RE! Homosexuality rant [xundo]

Homosexuality rant [xundo]

Homosexuality freaks me the fuck out, and it's NOT a "Choice." [xundo]

re: Please, a nice place to live in coastal OR [xundo]

Bandon needs a Habitat please (bandon) [xundo]

Property Taxes (coastwize) [xundo]

Massacre shooter (Oregon university) pic [xundo]

Wake up people. . (Everywhere) pic [xundo]

Shooting (None ya) [xundo]

Re 10 dead [xundo]

shooting in roseburg [xundo]

To the guy who thinks I'm homophobic (Coos hell) [xundo]

Re:10 dead [xundo]

Re 10 dead [xundo]

Re.. 10 dead [xundo]

10 dead in Roseburg WTF [xundo]

Re:coos gay (Here) [xundo]

coos.... gay? (in hell) [xundo]

Why Do We Have Taxes ? (Milking the Herd) [xundo]

Trump (I'm voting for Tommy C. For pres.!) (Everywhere) pic [xundo]

Tommy Chong for Vice President :) (USA) [xundo]

RE: TRUMP (everywhere) (Depoe Bay) [xundo]

Trump (Everywhere) [xundo]

RE: RE; RE: Tax Whiners (Libertyville) pic [xundo]

Re Re Re Tax whiner in Florence [xundo]

Trump may be good for America (all over) [xundo]

RE; RE: Tax Whiners (Florence) pic [xundo]

TAX (NB/CB) [xundo]

Re: Tax Whiners (Libertyville) pic [xundo]


Property taxes (Coast) [xundo]

Tax BS (The coast) [xundo]

Re: Tax whiners (Coos bay) [xundo]

Tax Whiners (Education) (HERE) pic [xundo]

no new property taxes!!! (hauser) [xundo]

Property Taxes (Oregon) [xundo]

Please, a nice place to live in coastal OR [xundo]

Property taxes (Coos bay) [xundo]

CoosBay New Here (CoosBay) [xundo]

Property Tax Increases (Oregon) [xundo]

Sarah conners! (Coos bay) [xundo]